Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friends from oregon

I got a wonderful visit from some Oregon friends at BYU. Casey, Cambrai, Derek, and Lizzie came to visit for the long weekend and we recruited Drew, Devyn, and Chad to join us in some of our adventures.

We started with a trip to DI and a Disco Murder Mystery Dinner. All the characters were plays off real people. I was Diana Ross, Casey was Lyza Minelli, Drew was Gloria Stienman, Chad was John Travolta, Devyn was Andy Warhol, Josh was Bruce Lee, Cambrai and Derek were Sonny and Cher.
This was at the DI... can you believe it?
Cambrai picked his outfit- the shirt says "save a cow- eat a vegatratian"

What would be a trip without Big Judd's?

I think Josh enjoyed having someone to play agaisnt that isn't me... I'm not very good.
What would getting together be without an all night high school rehash? We defiantly got that one covered.
It was a fun weekend. I was glad I got to see my good friend who put up with the crazy, green panted, girl who now lives in the middle of nowhere. (Not quite, but close)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...will we ever be done?

School has officially begun again. Bleh...
I guess classes aren't that bad and we like to learn. But we don't like the drive to school and the homework and the weird work schedules that come with it.

The good side: we get done way earlier in the day. This will be better I think.
The bad side: books... way too much money, homework... way too much time, the drive there... way too slow in the snow.

It seems like we have so much let but in reality we are getting close. Josh has this semester and fall and winter of next year. I'm going to go year round so I will be done the spring after that. Still seems like so much. I guess this gives us lots of time to figure out where we want to go and what we want to do next, because we for sure have no idea.

I guess I will keep you updated but I really do think this semester won't be too bad.
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