Saturday, November 8, 2014


Boy I am slow getting these up but we have been busy around these parts. 

Sophie was a flamingo and the day of the Hayes Halloween party she decided she needed to wear her flamingo shirt as well. She did make the cutest flamingo I've ever seen. 

Josh and I were Minnie and Mickey this year for Halloween. I had a different idea for us but I knew I wouldn't have time to get it all put together this year, as it was we were scrambling just to finish this. I didn't get my bow or Josh's shoes done like I wanted to, but it turned out fine. 

Doesn't Josh make a good Mickey. I don't know how but he looks good no matter how he is dressed up. 

Eric was a hamburger. Don't you just want to eat him up? I do. (He did too, he kept sucking on the lettuce.) 

Flamingo Break

A few days before Halloween the Zoo does an event. Josh took Sophie over in costume to meet her fellow flamingos. 

He said all the animals seems super friendly. He wasn't sure if it was the crowds, costume, or cool weather. But the otters and coyote dogs apparently loved bright pink Sophie. 

She even participated in a costume contest. She didn't win although we think she should have at least won the animal category. But then again everyone is partial to their own kid. 

Halloween dinner- jack o lantern pizza and orange cookies. 

Eric is his cute pumpkin pj's he wore when he wasn't in costume. Isn't it perfect?

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