Monday, January 25, 2010

Pregnancy Update

How far along are you? 30 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? at my last appointment it was around 15lbs gained

Stretch marks? No, some red dots on the sides of my belly though

Baby Movement? This baby moves all the time, this week some of the kicks started hurting a little they were so hard. There is also becoming a pattern to when I feel kicks- for some reason this baby is always awake in my sociology class.

Best moment this week? Date night with Josh! Although the baby was on my bladder the whole time we were in the temple, it was good. Along with dinner, a show on campus, and some frozen yogurt it made for a long but very nice night.

Food Cravings? Spicy Chicken Fingers from Wingers. I had them last month for the first time ever and now I can't stop thinking about them.

Belly button in or out? It's just flattening out- I told Josh that the way it is going now it might just disappear.

Milestones? 10 weeks left- that is so weird.

Weekly Wisdom? Know what you are looking for before you try and shop for baby things. Today we tried to get some crib sheets at Walmart and we forgot to bring the measurements of the mattress. So we didn't end up getting the sheets. We bought a package of onesies instead.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the best is yet to be

I am a big worrier- sometimes one little thing will get me worrying every time my mind has a spare moment. I've defiantly had plenty of things to worry about lately, and they aren't even really big things. For example, one worry that has been on my mind a lot since school started this week is one of the classes I need to take next semester they may not be teaching online anymore- which was the way I was planning on doing all my classes next semester.

On Monday night Josh and I read an article from the Ensign "The best is yet to be" by Jeffery R. Holland. It was about not looking behind us and holding on to the past It also talked about having faith in the future. Having faith that Heavenly Father will make the things to come better than the things that have passed.

So I was thinking about those things today and I realized that by letting myself be overcome with worry I am not practicing faith. Faith that the Lord is guiding our life to the best that it can be. If I have to take a class on campus than that answers some other questions Josh and have been thinking over.

If I just do the best I can to make correct decisions and right choices the things that need to work out will and the other things will just lead to other paths. Those paths will lead to the greatest happiness, because if we trust Heavenly Father, the best is yet to be.

So I'm going to work on practicing faith in the hand that is guiding my future... and really try and remember that the best is yet to be.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years!

Happy 2010!

I hope you had a good 2009- we did. Our year in review seems pretty short. We went to school, did our internships, found out we were pregnant, and went to school some more. That's the basics anyway. It was a good year. I love being married to such a good man and it seems so weird it has been over a year already. It also seems weird that, as of tomorrow, it is 2/3 of the way until our baby comes.

This year coming up seems like it will bring lots of changes for us. Our baby is due in three months- April 2. The week after that Josh will graduate. With that comes a lot of decisions about what we will do or where we will go from there. I will graduate in July.

I'm excited about what this year will bring though- I know that everything will work out just the right way.

So again- Happy New Year!


We had a good Christmas- well actually, I thought it was pretty great. We have tons and tons of pictures but I figured I'd better narrow it down a little, so I don't bore every reader we have to death (sorry, I probably already have). But Christmas eve we went to Josh's brother's house, we had treats, a few talents, gift exchange, and leg wrestling. (Not really sure where that last tradition came from, but they seem to do it every year)
Christmas morning we opened our gifts and played a little and then took a nap. We stopped by his parents house for a bit, I talked to Krista!, and then we went to my grandparents and had dinner with them and my cousins. It was a nice relaxing day. We were so blessed with family and gifts, I don't know how the day could have gotten any better.
I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas- we did!
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