Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where did my baby go?

I feel like all of a sudden my little Sophie baby is now my Sophie girl. She's almost 8 months old. She crawls and attempts to walk, she's got teeth and hair long enough to put a bow in (although she pulls them out), she waves and kisses. Every time I look at her I just can't believe how fast all these changes have happened.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 minute Thankful list

- Sophie, her health and strength, she scared us to death for a bit but is wonderful now- She makes me laugh and smile most of the time

- my husband, Josh is so patient with me, he is thoughtful and super cute. I can't help but smile when I am around him. Basically the best decision ever = marrying Josh

- my family that I come from, they are good to me and I love that I get along with my siblings so well, we have a great time (all of Sophie's grandparents are so good to her and us)

- my house, I have had ups and downs feelings with our house because of the snakes and other such business but I love our neighborhood, I love the space, and I love that it is ours

- Josh's job

- my friends that I have, I'm feeling sad in Idaho right now because I don't have very many friends there so especially thankful for Becca who always lets me invade her life for a little bit of friend time

- I am thankful for the gospel and the guidance it gives me, and the temple for the promises it gives me

You know I have a zillion more so I had to give myself a time limit or I could go forever. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sophie and Dad's new enjoyment

I love watching these two people hang out together!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I still can't get over these super cute Halloween pictures that were taken for Sophie by Jenika Sparks. I think this one is one of my favorites.
Our Halloween was pretty low-key but that was good for us. A couple days before we carved our pumpkins. Josh did a great job, as always. Sophie helped by eating some spiders.

She also colored a little on her pumpkin.

We ate mummies for dinner and had Halloween cake (chocolate-orange) for desert.

Then we got Sophie dressed up and took her down to the Trunk or Treat with Becca and Aiden. Sophie didn't come out with much, but we weren't really trying. Aiden, however did get a ton.
Sophie came back with two tiger tails for Josh and I.

On other recent developments, Sophie can get herself to sitting up. yay! We came in one morning to find her sitting like this in her crib.

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