Saturday, July 14, 2012

Astoria Tower

On our Vacation we went up to Astoria. We went to Astoria tower, It's an amazing view (and quite a climb to the top). When we first go there we could see so far. 

 This was freaking me out so much- when Sophie was up so high, she didn't seem to mind in the least bit though.

Soon the fog rolled in and we couldn't see so far, but that was also pretty. 

We flew airplanes from the top, climbing the tower a few times to do so.

We were going to go on a movie tour in Astoria but had a couple tired babies so we just went to our lovely beach house instead.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Portland Children's Museum

 Sophie loves the children's museum, we love taking her. It was actually Josh's first time going. I think he was impressed with the size.
 I'm not sure why but this rice play table was her favorite, she could have played there forever, using shells to dig in the rice.
 This was pretty cute, on the stage she just stood up there singing into the mic. La, la, la the other girl in the picture joined in with her rendition of the A,B,Cs. Quite the performers.

 She could climb this herself, it was pretty impressive.

It was great fun! I wish we had a place like this nearby. 

Before our Oregon Trip

Before our trip to Oregon, my mom, my brother, Sophie, and I went down to Utah for a weekend. It was such a fun little trip. some highlights:
-We went to the Salt Lake Zoo, Sophie got to see some Anie's (elephants) which are her favorite animals. 
-We went to IKEA and I got to meet up with Kirsten and Cambrai there. 
-We went to Costco (which is a big deal for me) I bought Sherlock and we got gelato. 
- I watched Downton Abbey with Cambrai. 
- Meet up with Casey and Logan for pie. 
-Played games with Casey and Cambrai, and then went for a late night run to the store and milkshakes. 

We stayed at my aunts house, which is always nice, Sophie loved their dog. My cousin and uncle were practicing a song (piano and viola) that they were going to do in sacrament meeting, Sophie was so in awe. 

On the way to Oregon we caravaned with my mom and Seth. We stayed the night in Boise, swimming at the pool and then watching Pawn Stars until we all fell asleep. Seth could play is ipod over a radio station, we found we could get it to play in both cars which was really fun. At Multnoma (I really can't spell) we switched cars, Seth, Josh, and Sophie spent some time at the falls. I think they had a good time with it.

My mom and I got to go to a book fair, that she gets to go to because she's a teacher. I got some wonderful deals.
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