Sunday, August 23, 2009

have I made you want some 7 year olds yet?

so a couple weeks ago was pretty funny and I wrote them down and then lost them, last week we were gone and had a sub and this week was kind of mellow but here are a few that I remember from recently

We were talking about how Christ loves and knows everyone in the entire world.
(a visitor): I wouldn't want to know everyone in the world because there are bad people in the world.
Brad: yeah- like Mexicans, all Mexicans are bad.
(are you aloud to say that Brad?)
Brennan: if everyone in the world came to your birthday party your house would get crushed.
Brad: This one time my house was like all the way full of old ladies and my mom made me serve them kabobs.

Here is Brad's take on being adopted- don't believe what he says because I know for a fact he was not adopted.
Brad: Can you go up front and tell them not to sing songs about families? They are making me sad. Because I was adopted and it makes me miss my real family. They died last year. My sisters names were Missy and Sarah.
Then he really started crying, actual tears.

Brad: I think I have lost all function of my body.
Me: Why don't you try standing up.
He yells "ow" and stumbles back to the ground
Josh: Do you need to go find your mom?
Brad: No it usually comes back in a few minutes.

Brennan: my back hurts from yesterday
Me: What did you do?
Brennan: my uncle got married

Today though, we decided Layne- who doesn't have many quote up is an emo kid, which is kida funny kinda sad, he's 8 and everyday it's like "I hate my life, why does it have to be this way? How come it has to be like this?"

But overall we have a pretty good class, just a few kids who sturggle but overall I like them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1 year

1 year (and a couple weeks ago) I married my sweetheart. My forever love. I have had a wonderful year and couldn't imagine a better place to be in life. Just so you know, Josh, I love you so much.

Monday, August 17, 2009

past few weeks

We sure have been busy, but it's been all fun stuff. This picture is hard to tell, but Josh and his boss got some tickets to some horse races because they helped them with a website or something. For non- betting people it was an interesting experience. A 1 min race with 20 minutes in between for everyone to set their bets for the next race. We picked who we thought would win though and mine won once.

Also- the international dance festival was in Rexburg. We got to go to the opening ceremonies and the street festival. It was fun. I liked watching all the teams, except the team from Rexburg, they were obnoxious. While we took this picture it was hailing- those poor little girls. They did great though.
Just a good picture we got.
Josh's little sister got married on our anniversary. I felt a little bad about decorating their car considering that nobody in Idaho got to decorate ours (thanks to Josh's super hiding skills) but we got it good in Oregon. As much as a wedding on our anniversary made for a crazy day- what a wonderful reminder, to be in a sealing room in the same temple we were married.
The day after the wedding we took off to my mom's family reunion. We missed most of it because of the wedding but we didn't miss the spudnuts. Yay and thanks Grandma and Grandpa. They were delicious and so fun. A special memory I will always have of them is when they would make these and homemade rootbeer for their family.
The reunion was at a beautiful (and huge) cabin in Island Park. The view from right outside was amazing, especially in the morning.

Seth came to stay with us for the next week and we started off by monday going to a baseball game in Idaho Falls. We won! But I'm not sure if it's because the Idaho Falls Chuckers are good or because the Billings team made so many huge mistakes.

Tuesday night we volenteered to watch our nephew while Josh's brother and sister-in-law went to the temple. I would have pictures of cute little Adien but he feel asleep really soon after we got there but we did have a good time with his stuffed animals.

We also went to the civil defense caves and the fair. We took my cousins out to lunch and had a wonderful week. Saturday we went to Boise to the water park there (my mom had free tickets) it was so much fun. But Josh and I got our fill of sunburn again. Thanks Seth for coming- and thanks Josh for the wonderful weeks.
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