Monday, July 27, 2009

July for us

well last month we went to Island Park with Josh's family. His brother and sister-in-law set up getting a cabin and such for all of us. It was pretty fun. We took no pictures there but a few highlights were the 2 1/2 hour float trip where we got super burned. This picture is of a few days after.
And Josh and his brother beat the SNES Mario 1, 2, 3, and the lost levels. I must say pretty fun having those old games up there. Also we borrowed ticket to ride from my grandpa and it seemed like most people really enjoyed it. It was my first experience cooking for more than just a few people but we were in charge of a breakfast and it went over really well. (but also I had lots of help from Josh)

Today I went to the Zoo with my sister-in-law Becca and her son Adien. It was a good day. I usually don't care much for zoos but a lot was happening today and I saw some animals I'd never seen. Like pelicans, who knew they were so big? Also the tigers were fighting and the kangaroos licked Becca's feet, just like a dog would- it was so werid. I have some pictures from that but they aren't uploaded yet.

On the fourth of July we watched the fireworks in Idaho Falls- what a big display. I like the ones that are so loud that you can feel them inside you.
Also- I didn't know that my husband could play the accordian.

Also- I helped plan a big event in town, called Ririe Days. We were trying to get the community together for something. It included a 5k, 10k, and half marathon, a car show, a craft fair, a golf scramble, an archery shoot, vendors, and live music. It went soo well. I thought it might flop but it didn't. It went so well. We probablly had about 500 people there which is good for a town the size of Ririe. My dad drove down to run in the half marathon and support me it was so nice to have him come. He did great. He came in 3rd in the race, 2nd of the men. His fastest time ever. My grandpa entered the car show and my grandma, aunt, and cousin all came and did the 1 mile fun run. I was so glad to have all the support and I'm proud of how well it went. If you are in Idaho in July next year they are doing it again.

Sorry this was all out of order and jumbled but I just thought I would update on our month of July.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

another week... of primary quotes!

They were at it again today, here are the highlights.

Brad: The government made something that you will just laugh at, it is so funny... it's a ch ch ch chia OBAMA Head!

Garrett: Where did you go on a mission?
Josh: North Carolina
Garrett: Can you say some words from there?

Brennan: I wouldn't want to be an astronaut, because then I would have to wear a diaper again.
Me: So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Brennan: I would be a hip hop.

Me: Who is Elder Hayes?
Kohl: I'm not a hayes-stack, do they cut and bale you too?
Me: Who wants to be Elder Hale?
Kohl: (to Brad Hale) I didn't know you fell from the sky.

Taya: Where are the Green crayons?
Kohl: Brennan probably does... it's in his name, Brennan Green.

Josh: What can you do to help with family prayer?
Kohl: I know, you could eat your eye.
Spencer: ...or you could eat your boogers, hehe.
Kohl: That's even grosser than mine!

Kohl: Why didn't you say mine? It was the best idea.
Josh: eat your eye?
Kohl: yes

So about us... still the same. School, work, schoolwork, fireworks. Yep- that about covers it, nothing new here. Pictures to come later...
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