Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another funny day at church

So one of our primary kids, Brad, was on a real kick this last Sunday and said some crazy things. I thought I would share a few.

Me: Is Brennan here today?
Brad: for breakfast my mom usually gives me like 5 pounds of steak and like 2 pounds of potatoes

Brad: Garrett and I, when we grow up are going to find each other and take a journey to the center of the earth together... seriously

Kohl: Is today the 1st day of summer? (the 21st of June)
Brad: No, it's the 29th- your calender is wrong, I asked the weatherman, I know the number to call him.

also a flashback- Brad on Mothers day
Brad: I did something for my mom today
Me: what did you do for her?
Brad: I picked all the flowers in our whole yard.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trip to Oregon

Memorial Day weekend we headed to Oregon- a fast trip but we did it. We left on Thursday evening and drove through the night. It was fun though, we brought Josh's little sister Emilee with us.
At Saturday's Market she got her drawing done.
We visited a haunted pizza place and Voodoo doughnut - yum

Josh and I made a new friend at Finnegans. Octo is soo cute. He's soft, his legs make noise, and he smells good.

We did get both Josh and Emilee convinced that motorcycles were worth at least one ride.

We also had played laser tag and had my friends over one night for a scavenger hunt and a crazy game of curses. Casey and Liz went to Portland with us so spending time with them was good as well. Overall a wonderful weekend (although we are very excited that one of Josh's other sisters is marrying someone from Bosie so next trip home they can take us to the airport and we can leave our car with them) Oh and on our way out of town we could not go without another stop at Voodoo Doughnut.

some memories

I was going to go back and blog through the whole time that I couldn't transfer the pictures- but instead of rambling through the day we flew kites and the 2nd time we dyed easter eggs and the flip flops I made for my cousin and Josh's neices I just thought I would let you see for yourself.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Primary Kids say the funniest things..

Josh and I teach the 7 year olds at church. They are crazy- here are a few funny things that we remember.

Josh: Brad, will you please move over there?
Brad: (moves back and forth on his chair with his hands behind his back) I can't
Josh: Ok, Kohl will you move?
Brad: I can't because my fingers are tied together.
Brennan: Brad, you can break your fingers doing that.

Brad pulls a giant penny out of his pocket and says: my mom got me this from Washington DC- she went there on a cruise.
Me: How did she do that there isn't an ocean near Washington DC?
Brad: There are rivers and it was a very long skinny boat.

We were playing the game "if I were going on a trip, I would bring..." and you have to remember what everyone else says, but it was "if I were traveling in the wilderness with Lehi, I would bring.."
Kohl: A teddy bear
Brennan: bottled water
Kohl: a stuffed animal dog
Brennan: medical supplies

Brad: do you live with your parents?
Me: No, I live with Josh
Brad: Why do you do that?
Me: We are married
Brad: no way! hey everyone, guess what? Our teachers are married!
They all just look at him like he's crazy- they've known this all along.

Taya: Can I sit somewhere else? Garrett is writing things about us on his hands.

Garrett: Who is your dad? Do I know him?
Me: No, he lives far away
Garrett: What country is he from?

Brad (whispering): Our teachers just kissed
Josh: Don't your parents kiss?
Brad: Just once a year. My dad does it for my mom on her birthday.

Hopefully I will think of more and then I'll add them.
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