Sunday, December 21, 2014


A few months ago two friends approached us about Sophie playing soccer with them. I played soccer as a kid and I feel like it's a good sport for kids to start with so we said yes and arranged it for her to play with all her friends. She had to play up an age group for it to work out. 

She wore her flamingo shirt to her first practice. 

I am her coach. I have a good time but she doesn't love listening to me. Last week a few teams at the soccer complex were short players so we combined teams and Sophie listened to the other coach just fine. It makes me kind of sad because I would like to be able to do things like coach her teams. I just am not sure I will next time because she doesn't listen to me very well. 

She does a great job of keeping up with the other kids though. She runs really fast and if she has the motivation can keep going. At first she seemed a little scared of kicking the ball but has gotten way better at it. Some kids have trouble with the rules (like no hands)
 but she has never had a problem. 

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