Monday, December 13, 2010

Sophie tidbits.

She likes mittens but not hats.
About when we got home from Oregon Sophie got two ear infections- one was pretty bad, she pulled at it in her sleep enough that it bled, alot. It was caked in her ear because I couldn't tell what was scab and what was dried blood. Anyway, she is feeling better now and we are so grateful.
We have this extra keyboard and Sophie loves to play with it. Doesn't she seem to know what she is doing?

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I have been really busy the past little while since we got home, working on a certain somebody's Christmas present. But Sophie and I went to Oregon for Thanksgiving and we had a great time. I learned that Sophie loves dogs and also that she is very particular with sleeping in a room alone (I ended up on the couch). Aunt Krista capitalized on Sophie's love of music by having a sing and dance along with her in the mornings. My family ran in a fun run Thanksgiving morning although for most of us (not my dad) it was a run/walk. Sophie was amazing on the flights, I was totally surprised but she didn't seem to have any problem traveling. We'll see how it goes in a couple of weeks when we drive to Oregon for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where did my baby go?

I feel like all of a sudden my little Sophie baby is now my Sophie girl. She's almost 8 months old. She crawls and attempts to walk, she's got teeth and hair long enough to put a bow in (although she pulls them out), she waves and kisses. Every time I look at her I just can't believe how fast all these changes have happened.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 minute Thankful list

- Sophie, her health and strength, she scared us to death for a bit but is wonderful now- She makes me laugh and smile most of the time

- my husband, Josh is so patient with me, he is thoughtful and super cute. I can't help but smile when I am around him. Basically the best decision ever = marrying Josh

- my family that I come from, they are good to me and I love that I get along with my siblings so well, we have a great time (all of Sophie's grandparents are so good to her and us)

- my house, I have had ups and downs feelings with our house because of the snakes and other such business but I love our neighborhood, I love the space, and I love that it is ours

- Josh's job

- my friends that I have, I'm feeling sad in Idaho right now because I don't have very many friends there so especially thankful for Becca who always lets me invade her life for a little bit of friend time

- I am thankful for the gospel and the guidance it gives me, and the temple for the promises it gives me

You know I have a zillion more so I had to give myself a time limit or I could go forever. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sophie and Dad's new enjoyment

I love watching these two people hang out together!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I still can't get over these super cute Halloween pictures that were taken for Sophie by Jenika Sparks. I think this one is one of my favorites.
Our Halloween was pretty low-key but that was good for us. A couple days before we carved our pumpkins. Josh did a great job, as always. Sophie helped by eating some spiders.

She also colored a little on her pumpkin.

We ate mummies for dinner and had Halloween cake (chocolate-orange) for desert.

Then we got Sophie dressed up and took her down to the Trunk or Treat with Becca and Aiden. Sophie didn't come out with much, but we weren't really trying. Aiden, however did get a ton.
Sophie came back with two tiger tails for Josh and I.

On other recent developments, Sophie can get herself to sitting up. yay! We came in one morning to find her sitting like this in her crib.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

so far today

visiting teaching- fail
getting good walk in- success

getting baby down for nap on time- fail
having a patient girl while standing on multiple front steps- success

having a working dishwasher and clean dishes- fail
find sticky pumpkin mess on my newly mopped floor- success

deciding what to make for dinner- fail
eating way to much junk- success

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sophie's Hallloween Perfection

I have a hard time feeling motivated to blog because it takes a super long time for the pictures to load, so here I'll put a few cute pictures up but you can seen some even better ones from her wonderful photo shoot that was done by Jenica Sparks in Rexburg (if you live in the area and need some pics done she was wonderful and it was really fun) anyway, click HERE to see her wonderful pictures of Sophie. You can also check out my date blog HERE for some pictures of Sophie on her first trip to the pumpkin patch.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Super Fun Date

I am starting something new- a date a week.

Yay for spending time with Josh and also for a way to get to know Idaho Falls.

Anyway, I wanted to share what I did with my fun day today. It was so fun, and all Josh's idea. We drove up during the first session of general conference and listened to it on the radio and drove home doing the same thing. You'll have to read my other blog if you want to know what we did.

Friday, October 1, 2010

letters from a housewife

Dear small and medium garden snakes,

You creep me out! I know that you guys are harmless but you are gross. You make is so I don't want to read on my front step or play in the grass with my daughter. My wonderful husband caught you today and took you way out into the field behind our house and past the canal, please stay away. If you don't I will have to take more extreme measures- like wishing you would get run over like that one the other day. I don't know what the old home owners thought of you, but please, find some home where there are some little boys that think you are fun.

Happy New Home Hunting,
The new resident


Dear toilet in upstairs bathroom,

Since we have moved in you have not flushed correctly, you are very slow. This may or may not surprise you but I do not have time for this. Sometimes it's just easier to go downstairs.

from the impatient user


Dear dinner plans,

Where did you go today? Everything I tried or planned on making for dinner went wrong. I know some of it was my fault, but it just reaffirmed my wish to never have to make dinner on Friday nights. I know dinner, you did work out eventually- we have a simple meal of noodles, but I was pretty hungry by the time you worked yourself out.

Missing you
the hungry cook


Dear extra-big snake,

Could you please get out of my woodpile? and slow a little so my husband can catch you and return to your dears friends who must be missing you. I would rather you find them, than them find you.

grossed out


Dear lady with the log,

I'm not sure a piece of wood that size is an appropriate toy for your dog. I doubt he likes carrying something that big in his mouth, it also can't be good for your throwing arm. Just worried about you and your dog.

concerned neighbors


Dear friendly man at the supermarket,

First off, thank you for complimenting our cute baby, although she is girl. We do believe it is fine to ask us about her age and what kind of diapers are best, but it was a little too much to ask us if we needed debt reduction services. We appreciate you willingness to help us through college, but we are both already college graduates. How old do we look?

Hope those diapers work out,
College grads and baby girl


Dear Idaho Drivers,

Could you do me the favor of refraining from trying to pass in a construction, especially when my husband is driving the other direction. You nearly scared him to death. I am somewhat surprised my husband and car made it home unscathed. I would really like him to make it home safely from work everyday, if that's not too much to ask.

Thanks kindly,
worried wife


Dear construction workers,

Is it a company policy to ignore the close calls that cars have when driving by you or were all of you just in silent agreement to ignore the plight of my husband? We know you were just standing around anyway, it's not like you are getting much done.

again, from the worried wife


Dear NBC Thursdays,

Even though you are Hulu Fridays to us we still love you. The perfect start to our weekend. Office you are still funny, but you'll have to do something to keep up with Community and 30 Rock.

laughing out loud
big fans


Dear readers,

Although this blog is silly it was insipred by Heidi Bartle so really we can't take credit for it all.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


man- I have been trying to write this post for a week now. Everytime I try something happens like my camera battery is dead or the computer shuts off on me

Anyway, last week we started feeding Sophie rice cereal before bed each night. She loves it! These pics are from her first time.

Love this girl!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A couple things for my mom and Sophie's tech skills

ok, my mom bought Sophie a bumbo (this cute little chair for Sophie to sit in) and Sophie loves it. I took this video of her playing with the chair.

Also my mom likes this smile of Sophie's and wanted a picture.

We had Sophie lying on the ground watching Sesame Street on Josh's computer. We left the room and thought Sophie was asleep. The movie stopped and a few minutes later it played again. We came in the room and this is what we saw. Sophie had restarted the movie.

She's loves sitting on daddy's lap while he plays computer or video games. When we watch a movie or he is playing games Josh will hand her a controller and she'll play with it. It looks just like she's knows how to use it.

Monday, September 13, 2010


quick rundown of my day- good but busy
I wake up at 8:00 and call my mom real quick to ask her a question before she goes to work

8:20 I jump in the shower before Josh has to go to work

8:40 I feed my hungry daughter and wish Josh a good day at work, then I get dressed for the day and look up a recipe for my dinner trade tonight

9:00 leave the house to get gas and go shopping at Walmart, hopefully before Sophie is ready for her nap

10:00 still in Walmart with a squealing girl in the cart

10:20 home and put Sophie down for a nap

11:00 stop doing dishes and cleaning my kitchen to make pizza dough

12:00 wake up Sophie and find she has had a diaper explosion, take care of that

12:45 I feed Sophie and then run out the door

1:15 get to Gator Jack's in Rigby and realize I am early for my lunch date, take a breather in the car

1:30 lunch with a friend visiting from Utah

3:30 resurface and realize I need to get home to make dinner

4:00 actually leave Rigby

4:25 run in the house to put pizza dough in the oven, while rushing around getting the toppings ready

4:45 top the pizza and return to oven

4:50 feed Sophie

5:10 get in the car with Sophie and rush across town, I'm late- can't find my cell phone so I can't call

5:20 drop the pizza, grapes, and cookies off and make plans for tomorrow

5:30 quick stop at the dollar store

5:40 put Josh's pizza in the oven and worry that maybe I am sharing yucky food

5:55 typing this blog and waiting for Josh to get home

All the things I had hoped to do today:
clean up and repaint the bookcase that is sitting in our garage
wash down the pack and play we bought last week
blog about last week
have dinner ready earlier so I could visit when I took it over
clean my bedroom

oh well, it has been crazy but good day

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fly on the wall

If you were a fly on the wall of my house right now...

You would see groceries for our camping dinner around the house.

You could watch me hurry and clean my house for a last minute visit from an old roommate (and come up with something for dinner).

You would see Sophie cuddling with her Boston Teddy Bear from grandpa while she sleeps.

You would see pamphlets from different health insurance plans and the one we decided on today.

You could tell we haven't cleaned our office since we moved because our computer and printer are at our kitchen table.

You would notice a garage full of projects... bookcases and dressers that need to be painted.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our House

Here are some pictures of our house. They are pics of Sophie's room, our living room, and our kitchen. They are the rooms that are the most updated rooms in our house. We love our house.

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 years!

I meant to post this yesterday, our actual anniversary, but I ran out of time. Basically, I love my husband very much and all the time it just gets better. In two years we have both graduated from college, we have bought a house, and we had a baby. Pretty good if I say so myself. Last night we pulled out the letters we wrote to each other while we were engaged and cards from our wedding and things. I said at in one letter that how I felt about him kept surprising me by how much I could love him, and I am still surprised. I love him so much. Two down, forever to go!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What we have been up to?

haha... defiantly not too much of this.

Josh blessed Sophie...

I graduated...
And Sophie rolled over... (she rolls over everywhere, even in her bouncy chair)
Also, we moved. I don't have pictures up yet but I will soon. I love our new house.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ririe Days and a couple other projects

So Ririe Days was Saturday- I feel a lot better. It is a big event that I helped plan. There was a craft fair, antique show, baseball tournament, golf scramble, 1/2 marathon, food vendors, and more. I only have a few pictures right now, the ones Josh took. So you get to see a couple pictures of the golf scramble that Josh and his brother played in and my crafts that I made for the craft fair. I made fuzzy flip flops, some date in a bag kits, some homemade science kits, and some dice games that my family likes to play. Josh and I also played in the baseball games with his family. I felt like we did great, even though we lost. I had lots of fun. Because we are moving from Ririe I am still deciding if I am going to help again next year, I guess we'll see.

Also last week I canned some cherries. They look beautiful.

Now that those projects are done I am working on our new house. This is the before picture of my ugly (but wonderful) kitchen. Already the wall paper is off and we are painting tomorrow. Next week my dad is going to come and put new flooring in. That's all the updating we are going to do right now on our house. The rest isn't too bad. The retro basement is really growing on me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


For some reason I have not been good lately about making posts with pictures and writing and this is another just writing one.

I feel relieved. It's like everything that was overwhelming me before is calmed down. Ririe Days is done which I ended up doing a lot for, I have just a couple days of classes left until I graduate, and my family is coming to visit soon. Yay!

Friday, July 16, 2010

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