Saturday, December 31, 2011

Salt Lake Lights

The weekend before Christmas we went to go see the lights in Temple Square in Salt Lake, it worked out great because it was the same time my brother was headed down to the airport to go home. We went down on Friday and went down to the square.

We didn't stay super long because it was getting pretty cold, but it was so good to get the chance to go, it had been a long time since I had been down there.
(I like this picture, even if the statue is cut off)

After the lights we stopped in Lehi at Porter's Place for dinner- it is a super fun hole in the wall place that serves non-alcholic mixed drinks that are called things like Rattlesnake Venom and The Lost Dutchman. It was my first time eating a whole meal there, usually we just order drinks and scones.
We stayed the night with my aunt and uncle in Orem and Saturday we went to IKEA before dropping Seth off at the airport. It was such a fun trip, I loved every minute of it. We were so lucky that the weather was so good for us to go this year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving and Jackson, WY

Sorry I have no pictures of Thanksgiving- we had a good time though. My parents came and that morning we did a 5K with members or both Josh and I's families. Then we did two dinners one with my family and one with his. It was a fun week with my family around and a friend from high school that spent the weekend with us.

The week after Thanksgiving Josh's family goes to Jackson, we went up for the last couple days of it. Josh's mom and sister were nice enough to watch Sophie while Josh and I explored a little it was fun to have that time to just hang.

Apparently, pictures on this counter are common for Josh's sibling so we took a couple of Sophie. Eventually, I won't be so behind on this blog, sorry for now I am running about a month behind.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Arizona Trip

It's been so long since I posted- I am sorry, I just have been really busy. But in early November Sophie and I flew down to Arizona and met up with my dad to visit my grandpa. It was such a fun trip, I am so glad that we got the chance to go and that my dad was available to meet up with us.
Sophie liked to sit on the pouch with her grandpa and her great-grandpa to play with the two dogs. She loves dogs and it not scared at all. (I didn't get many pictures because I can't say the same about me and dogs).
We went to visit Tombstone, AZ and had a good time visiting the shops there. Soph was a good sport with all the driving we did.
My grandpa's wife is such a wonderful cook- they had so much good food for us.

Both my grandpa and his wife are wonderful at sewing (my grandpa has made us a couple of beautiful quilts) and when they heard I had been doing a little bit of sewing they decided that they would show me some tricks. We ended up making all these little shirts for her. The blue with the ballerinas are a set of pjs for her. Thank you grandpa for letting us come visit- we had a great time :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ok, finally- Halloween

Sophie was a dog for Halloween, it was a costume that my mom and sister picked for her. We went to lots of different Trick or Treat events but we enjoyed the ward trunk or treat best because it was fun for her to see the people she knew.

It didn't take her long to learn she had to hold out her bucket and smile and she could get some candy. She really was getting into it in the end. She ended up with so much candy. We went through and picked out everything we didn't think she could eat and that we didn't like and took it to a candy buy back. She got $1 (she had just under a pound), a toothbrush, and a free kids meal at Outback Steak House. I thought it was a pretty good trade. She was super excited about the toothbrush that lights up.
A week before Halloween we carved our pumpkins and they almost didn't make it to Halloween, I forget how fast they wither in this cold climate. Josh's is the reverse jack-o-lantern and mine is the starry sky. If you couldn't tell Sophie's is the colored one :)

We interrupt your regular scheduled programing...

... for some random thoughts from me.

I am sorry I have been putting off blogging, I need to post about Halloween and my trip to Arizona but I have been putting it off, but I had a few little notes.

- I made a list of all the projects I need to get done before Christmas and I decided that I am crazy. It's not like I am really super into homemade gifts I just have tons of little things I will be working on probably until Christmas eve.

- Is it bad that I hope for snow just in the hopes it will make it warmer outside? I never thought I would ever hope for snow, I really picked the wrong climate to live in.

- Yesterday I walked through the Christmas section of Walmart and got so excited. It feels like the holidays are coming super fast this year but I am so excited about it all. I have a feeling that in January I will have a real crash with the reality of a long winter without any holidays left.

- For months Josh and I have been watching Gilmore Girls, all of them, we finished a few days before I left for Arizona. As much as I enjoyed the show and I thought I would be sad when we had finished but I wasn't, I have really enjoyed our evenings where we don't know what we will be doing. We have played lots more games and talked a lot. We still are watching a few shows but they are once a week type things.

Hopefully I will be motivated soon to catch up on blogging (I keep trying to get Josh to do it).

Friday, November 4, 2011


Fall came fast it seems, Sophie and I went to Rexburg for a day and came back to all the leaves off our tree. I am kind of sad we missed it but we have sure had fun playing in all our leaves.

It has been perfect place to practice her new skill- jumping.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I know it looks like she is just listening to it but she was giving it a hug. We kept handing her little pumpkins and she would put them down and try to get a big one. It was so funny. We did come to a consensus on a good medium one. Later I will post pictures of our pumpkins after we decorated them

Monday, October 31, 2011

Crafty Chicka

Sophie has been so crafty lately. This spider hat she made at library story time last week. She wore it around all day. It makes me smile so much.
We also made some play dough the other day and she was really getting into it.
She has also been coloring like crazy. She usually wants to color as soon as she is done eating all time. She is getting pretty good. She colors one area at a time, like she is trying to color in the lines. We have been having lots of fun.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Helping in the ktchen

Sophie loves to help around the kitchen, I made her a little apron and we both put our aprons one when we cook. She helps pour and stir. Yesterday she even put the cookie dough in bunches and on the cookie sheet. She also helps to empty the dishwasher, she does the utensils and then helps with any pans or mixing bowls. Then of course we have to take a dancing break.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Last week Sophie and I tried to suck the last summer fun out of the year (good thing we did, it snowed yesterday) we went to the park four times and went to the zoo once. She loved the zoo. It was a pretty low key day there so we took our time just wandering around.

Her favorites were the goats because she could get right up to them. She even fed them! After feeding them we went into the area so she could pet them, I wish I had gotten pictures. She first when in and walked around to every goat and waved and said "hi." Then she went back and forth between 2 different ones petting their backs softly. When I told her it was time to go she went around to every goat again to say good bye. I am a little sad we only went once this summer before it closed but we will make sure to go back in the spring.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've been slow with blogging of late

It seems like my days are going so fast but with nothing much to report. We enjoyed having my family visit and we have been going to the park a lot to get it all in before the weather turns bad. Sophie is learning tons of new words lately but she does a lot of her communicating by pointing or taking our hands and putting them on what she wants. She loves it when we have people around that want to play with her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Pretty!

When we were in Oregon Sophie's grandma gave her some sunglasses and some bracelets. Along with her necklaces she already had she is all ready for dressing up and being pretty. She puts her things on and says "pretty."

The other day I came in to see Sophie when her dad was getting her ready for bed. She was putting bows in her hair and saying "pretty" with each one. It was so cute. She didn't want them taken out.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Children's Museum

When we were in Oregon Sophie and I got the chance to go to the Children's Museum. She loved it, we had such a great day. She loved every room, she was super cute at the mini store and the music area. I hope to take her back next time we go.

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