Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Birthday (A post by Sophie)

This is my birthday post. Here I am holding my big blanket. It has flowers on it, crazies, stripes, and more flowers. My mom made it for my big bed. 

The other presents are here around me. I got a lady bug puzzle, another coloring book, a green mat for gymnastics. 

I wore my new Disney shirt on my birthday, my cake is Disney too. I decorated a pinata by putting fluff on it, and we tied a string on it. Grandma faraway helped me make it. 

On my birthday I went to Clara and Vi's, my cousins, we did the pinata. I hit it. Then there were treats inside, pencils and erasers, and chapstick, and bracelets. 

I had a good day. My dad was there, I was there, my mom was there. Mom hit the pinata really hard. I hit it once. 

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