Saturday, June 25, 2011

Primary Quotes- Sunbeam style

So we used to teach the 8 year old class at church and recently we have been teaching the three turning four year old (sunbeams) class. Funny things were still said, just not as often- maybe we just couldn't understand what they were saying. But since last week was our last week doing that we figured we would share what we have collected.

"Attuna Bahtata... that's not quite right.." - C. trying to figure out Hakuna Matata

"nnnnnnnnnyes, that means yes in spanish." -T.
"how do you say no in spanish?" -us

"See my tooths? They're sharp." -E.
"Sabre Tooth Tigers have tooths like I do." -E.

"Why do I have these?" -Josh asking about his glasses when teaching about eyes
"Well, if you would just eat more carrots." -C.

"If you didn't have bones you would flap around." -E.

We had them make door hangers for their moms for mothers day. I suggested to say something like "mom is sleeping" on it- they decided on better things.
"I love you mom." -Ce.
"Don't come in and don't throw a fit." -T.
"If mom is sleeping don't come in, and keep [sister] out."- C.
"Don't take my phone." -E.

"C, are my eyes sparkly?" -Ce.
"Woooowwww..." -C.
"My mom painted them." - Ce.
"So sparkly!" -C.

"How do you use a shield?" -another teacher
"If there is a dinosaur you can go like this" -C. (then put her arm up)

We felt really old after this one. We showed them a picture of an envelope.
"What's this?" -Josh
"An Email!" -T.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

videos of Sophie

So here are some things of Sophie that have made me so happy lately. The first one is her using the couch as a slide. The second video is Sophie and her cousin. Sorry the last one is sideways but if you listen closely you'll hear what she figured out.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

sense of humor

This girl really does have a sense of humor. She is such a tease. She will go up to us like she's going to kiss us and then at the last minute she turns her face. She takes her dad's slippers off and puts them just out of his reach. She hides things behind the bookcase where she thinks we can't see and she getting the whole tickling thing figured out. She makes us laugh all the time.

She also has this new thing where she thinks she is the boss of when we can leave somewhere. She will wait by the door for us to take her outside and if we are somewhere else and she wants to go home she will grab her diaper bag and head for the door. She is great at telling us how she feels even if she doesn't verbalize it all the time.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oregon Trip

Last week Sophie and went to Oregon. We were so lucky that my friend Casey was willing to take a week to visit the same time we wanted to surprise for his graduation. It was so fun to surprise him, he was really excited I think.

Sophie was an amazing traveler- she just hung out facing backwards in the backseat without almost a peep the whole ride there until we got to Portland. We even did it with only stopping twice for gas and once for lunch.

We got to do some really fun things, we took Sophie to the zoo with Aunt Krista and the kids she watches and we got to see the starlight parade that Seth marched in. Sophie was mesmerized by both.

She loved my parents dog PJ- and he loved her. He would scare her a little when he would run up to her but if she was in control they were the best of friends. She learned the word dog and got very good at petting nicely. She also used the word dog with other ones she was in contact with during the trip which makes me kind of sad that we don't really know many people around here that have dogs she could play with. PJ was the perfect size though.

Seth got his car running before his graduation which was his goal. This has been a long project and is not done yet but he's basically built it up from the frame and it run great. It was such a cool ride.

All in all we had a great time but were both glad to get home to Josh who did a wonderful job of holding down the fort (which was so wonderfully clean when we got home). Sophie just ran around looking at things for a bit when we got home.
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