Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh, come with me to primary

I'm sorry most of these quotes when I started blogging them had to do with the lesson and such. Now a lot of it is just silly random stuff. Apparently after the kids start to get to know you- and you them- they get a lot sillier. There are also a lot this week because a few are from last week and because for some reason our class was pretty hyper today.

Brad: I know a difficult way to remove toe jame. Stuff cotton under your toenails.

I look over at Brad and he's talking quietly to himself, this is what I hear: ...and they got separated slowly into space...

We told a story about a girl that was helping her dad to clean the church
Garrett: then there was a ninja inside and he sliced (runs hand across throat)

This was Brad's story of the day- he kept it going all through primary
Brad: I'm late because I am the new person in charge of how the whole church works, I checked the stage, it works.
After a trip to the bathroom with Josh (he can't go alone anymore because he has a tendency to just run around the church)
Brad: That's weird, the bishop didn't tell me to check the big electric box outside the girls bathroom.
While outside for part of the lesson
Brad: Once when the electricity went off I had to go switch the breaker over there in that big box, it was part of my job.

Kohl: I can't stand up, I'm going to faint
Brennan: Yeah, my eyes are all red.
Kohl: I can't raise my arms, they'll fall off.

Brad: When air comes out of your eyelid, it hurts.

Brad: I know how to keep him quiet, plug his nose and cover his mouth. (I think Josh declined this suggestion)

Me: If you can't keep your hand quiet you have to sit on them.
Kohl: This kind of feels good
Garrett: It makes my hands hot
Brad: That's your body heat
Brennan: What's body heat?
Brad: you know when you sit on a chair without a chair warmer and then it warms up?
Brennan: like a pillow?
Me: If you touch Kohl you'll feel his skin is warm, that's body heat.
Kohl tries to lick Brennan
Brennan: I hate it when he does that.
Brad: It's probably not warm where he licked... also if you slap your face it feels warmer.
Then we have a class full of kids slapping their faces. At least they were all slapping their own. Also the girls were just sitting through this whole conversation, looking at the boys like they were crazy.

Me: Who remembers what we talked about last week?
Kohl: I wish I had a paper with what we talk about and then I would stuff it in my head.

We went outside to act out the story of the good Samaritan and as soon as we went outside, Kohl picked up a leaf at put it in his mouth, after chewing it for a minute he spit it out and got another one.
Josh: He put the injured man on his own donkey.
Brad: It's my horse, not a donkey.
Kohl: Who's even seen a donkey?
Taya: I have

Friday, September 25, 2009


Usually Josh and I buy generic cereal, often in the big bags because we eat a lot of cereal. (Especailly now- I eat it usually twice a day) Which is fine but in our non-super walmart in Rexburg those cereal choices are a little limited. Since school has started we've taken to looking at the ads in our school paper and we have lucked out. Last week one of the two grocery stores in town had a sale on my favorite cereal- Capt'n Cruch and this week the other store in town had a sale on Josh's favorite cereal- fruit loops. Both ended up being $1.50 a box. I could not believe our luck. We bought lots of both but I don't know how long they will last us since I love them so much. So right now I am enjoying a bowl of capt'n cruch and trying to hold myself off from eating the whole box right now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Actually something about us

I know that primary quotes are much more exciting than this I figured (after much internal debate) that it was finally time to post this. Not that I don't want to tell people, just that it was nice kind of a fun secret to have. But alas, living down the street from Josh's family, his little sister saw something we did not intend her to see and now it is out. Blurry picture I know but Josh and I went on a walk last night and found some wonderful places in Ririe that neither of us knew about.

Actually I don't really look like this... I don't know if it was the angle or the slouch but I'm not there quite yet. Here are some more nice pictures of our town.
...and here is what I actually look like. I think I might have had that bump before I even got tada! There's our news. I know not a very newsy post... but I'll let you wonder for a little bit.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What did you learn in Primary today?

This is Josh writing this week, just so everyone knows. :)
Okay, so it is kinda sad that most of our posts are about our primary kids, but that very well may be the most interesting part of our lives.
We have started school again, and things are going pretty well (except for the many varied complaints we have against BYU-Idaho). We are just getting into it, so we hope things keep going well there.
Today, there were more crazy quotes from our primary kids, so I just thought we'd share them now:

(Homecoming was last Friday...)
Emily: Did you go to the game, Brad?
Brad: I went. I was the smallest on the team. I scored the first point, then at the end of the game I got shy and started making wimpy catches and wimpy throws, and so my coach told me to give up. But we still won. The winning team won $100 gift certificate to McDonalds and 20 points, but instead of $100 gift certificate, I got a free burger for a year. I like the three meat and three cheese burgers. They put extra protein sauce on those burgers. You know the bubbles that come up when you squeeze burgers? That's protein sauce. It is 30% sugar and 30% good for you. I wish we could have lunch here and I would bring one to eat.
(whoa... now that's a story)

Emily: I like your tie.
Brad: It has two colors I'm wearing.
Emily: Grey and black?
Brad: No, it's silver!

Emily: Is your mom a teacher?
Brad: She was my teacher when I was in 6th grad at South Fork Elementary.
(He hasn't ever been in 6th grade :P)

Brad: Do you know Heise? I saw my dentist there one night... hahaha

Kohl: Are those real band-aids?
Kohl's mom: Yes they are
Kohl: Gross!
Kohl's mom: They aren't used...
Kohl: oh...

Kohl: You really need to shave, I'm not kidding.
(I turn to him) Me: really?
Kohl: You DID shave!

Me: What can you do with money?
Garrett: You can buy diapers!
Brad: Corn Dogs, Diapers, and fairy princess outfits!
Kohl: Did you get that from Spongebob?
Brad: No, I made it up myself.

Me: How can we prepare to go to the temple?
Garrett: Don't drink
Me: Yep, don't drink alcohol, but you can drink water.
Brad: But don't drink from the baptismal font!

Kohl: Are you married?
Emily: Yes
Kohl: To who?
Emily: Guess who
Kohl: I don't know...
Me: We are married, Emily is my wife
Kohl: You two look alike. I thought you were brother and sister. But you don't have any kids yet.
Me: Nope, not yet
Brad: People have kids when they are 31

Monday, September 7, 2009

here we go again... primary quotes

I did think we would have a slow week as far as quotes go because Brad our usually funny one wasn't there- we were very mistaken.

Last week:

Brad (to Josh): I see you've been working on your mustache

Kohl: (to Josh): you need to shave

This week:
Kohl: You've got quite a beard going there. You really need to shave.
Josh: Why can't I have a beard?
Kohl: I don't want you to look like Santa Clause

Primary Chorister: We are supposed to build our house on what?
Garret: A hill!

Kohl: Am I like the shortest here? I feel so short. (He was sitting in a little chair next to Josh in a big chair)

Me: You're hair is so nice, why is that?
Brennan: My shampoo
Me: What kind do you use?
Brennan: The red kind

Kohl: My dad can turn his eyes red. He takes his top eye socket and folds it up, and he takes his other eye socket and folds it down.

Kohl: You're a girl.
Josh: Why?
Kohl: You wear contacts
Josh: Boys can't wear contacts?
Kohl: It's werid

We were telling a story that took place in England during WWII.
Garrett: What war? Idaho vs England?
Me: No, England vs Germany
Garrett: Oh, I've heard this story
Kohl: Who won?

Kohl: I saw the Easter bunny. We were coming back from Wendy's and we saw a rabbit on the Lewis's lawn. But it didn't have a basket. It probably poops the eggs out.

Josh (showing a picture of Jesus with the Nephites): Who is Jesus praying with?
Garrett (maybe Kohl): His slaves?
Eden: I don't think he had any slaves

Me: Kohl, you have a little hair stuck up in the back of your head.
Kohl: Well yeah- it's called a chicken tail

We think Kohl had football on his mind.
Kohl: Do you go to high school or college?
Josh: College
Kohl: College! College football!
Taya: You'd be good at basketball, you are so tall.

Josh: Do you know what humble means?
Kohl: fumble?

And I wish I could put exactly how Garrett says this but it's come up a few weeks in a row.
Garrett (to Josh in singing time): Can I sing like Oprah?
Josh: How's that?
Garrett: ahhhhhahhhh (in high falsetto voice)

Me: Some people talk quiet and some people talk loud
Garrett: some people talk like Oprah
Me: how's that
Garrett: ahh ahh ahh (in same falsetto voice)
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