Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter, Oregon, 3 miles, and other tidbits

So I really do have pictures but my phone is freezing everytime I try and get them to my computer. So you'll just have to imagine it.
(Oh and the wonderful new layout- Josh did it, I think he did a wonderful job)

So the Friday before Easter, Josh and I decorated eggs- they looked great (hence needing the pictures) but also it was really fun. Then I left to visit my parents for a few days so Josh and I celebrated Easter on the Thursday after. It was fun, we did up baskets for the other person and both ended up with tons of candy (late celebration = sales) so I think we are going to keep celebrating some holidays after the fact because then we can buy more. I also ended up with a movie in my basket (Scoop) which I still haven't watched yet, but Josh has seen it and says it is good.

I left for Oregon last Saturday at 5:30 in the morning- bleh. But that's ok because we made it home by 5 which was wonderful. We went to dinner that night with Bente and the Nutts and it was soo good, (I don't know where it was we went but some Chineese place) there was so much food. On Sunday the Johnson's came over for a silly dinner (but not very traditional) which was also good. Monday brought short hair to me (again sorry no pictures) and also birthday spoilings from my family. Tuesday and Wednesday I mostly hung with my brother and family. Lunch with my dad Tuesday, Cheesecake factory with Seth, breakfast with Seth, lunch with Kirsten. Overall a wonderful little trip. .... Although my flight home was interesting. Before leaving I left my glasses at Costco to get fixed (they were getting filmy bubbles underneath the protective coating) and so I went to the airport without glasses. I have pretty bad eyesight so I couldn't read any signs, I felt so weird. I walked around getting close to everything so I could see it. I ws glad to get home and put on my old glasses for sake of sight.

Kinda been on an excersicing kick, so I've decided a good thing to do it to walk the three miles to Josh's work. Wonderful idea- the only path there is along a highway so I walked in the ditch the whole way. I've done it a couple times now and I always feel so good after (although I end up really dirty and lots of dogs bark at me).

School starts Monday- my birthday is tomorrow. That's all I guess for other tidbits. Anyway, sorry no pictures.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Projects and other updates

So when my parents were here we got some projects done. My brother and dad built me this self as a belated Christmas present. I love it- it's making me so happy. The quilt on the bed is our wedding gift from my grandpa Jim- he made it himself. I am so proud. It is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen, let alone owned. Each of the pinwheels is different and he used Josh and I's favorite colors without it even looking Christmasy.

My mom did projects too- I was supposed to help but she pretty much made me these skirts. The yellow one has little white circles and the green one has white flowers. She also bought me a new pair of jeans and my grandma patched two other pairs- I feel so set for summer semester.
School is over in 4 days! yay! I have been such a mess the last week or so- I'm at the point I have so much to get done I'm forgetting very important things. I have time to do them too- they just straight leave my head. Then I have a week to recoup before jumping back in full force- 4 classes and a 10 hour a week internship. Josh is just doing his internship so hopefully that will make less stress for him.

So what does a girl do for a week between classes that includes both her birthday and easter? Well she goes to Oregon for a visit (shhhh.... don't tell Seth it's a suprise) I'm headed on Saturday with the Huskeys and then I'll fly back here on Wednesday night. I will miss easter with my husband but we will celebrate when I get back. I will miss him in general a lot- We haven't been apart in the 240 days we have been married.

On another note- I have been listening to... Blessed Union of Souls. Kinda old school I found their CD in Josh's CDs, apparently it's his older brother's favorite from high school. But it's cool and it makes me feel so good. When I turned it on a few days ago it was the first time in a while I just sponatanioulsy danced around the house. I can't help it. Here's a couple samples Peace and Love
Light in your eyes, Hey Leonardo I just had a hard time decideing which ones to add so I reccomend them all.

I think that's all I had for tonight, except I'm totally tired of the snow. We have really bad snow one morning and it's all melted by the afternoon and then it's warm for a couple more days. If I have to go to summer semester in the snow I will not be too happy.
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