Sunday, July 5, 2009

another week... of primary quotes!

They were at it again today, here are the highlights.

Brad: The government made something that you will just laugh at, it is so funny... it's a ch ch ch chia OBAMA Head!

Garrett: Where did you go on a mission?
Josh: North Carolina
Garrett: Can you say some words from there?

Brennan: I wouldn't want to be an astronaut, because then I would have to wear a diaper again.
Me: So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Brennan: I would be a hip hop.

Me: Who is Elder Hayes?
Kohl: I'm not a hayes-stack, do they cut and bale you too?
Me: Who wants to be Elder Hale?
Kohl: (to Brad Hale) I didn't know you fell from the sky.

Taya: Where are the Green crayons?
Kohl: Brennan probably does... it's in his name, Brennan Green.

Josh: What can you do to help with family prayer?
Kohl: I know, you could eat your eye.
Spencer: ...or you could eat your boogers, hehe.
Kohl: That's even grosser than mine!

Kohl: Why didn't you say mine? It was the best idea.
Josh: eat your eye?
Kohl: yes

So about us... still the same. School, work, schoolwork, fireworks. Yep- that about covers it, nothing new here. Pictures to come later...

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  1. Halarious. Makes me want to teach primary. Em....I need your address. No one will give it to me. Thanks!


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