Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Here are our pumpkins. I'm sorry you can't see Josh's very well but it's a house and it looked great. Mine is just a silly face roasting a marshmallow over his head. We did these about a week before Halloween but were afraid to put them out because of the cold. We were right, the day before Halloween it snowed (yuck!) but thankfully for the day it cleared up and was perfect weather for the holiday. Below is Josh showing his vampire side.

In Ririe we had a great Halloween night. It started with a fundraiser dinner for a woman whose house burned down last month in town. She was burned badly and her and her kids lost everything. It was a potluck soup thing. There was so many soups and it was so good. We raised a lot of money. Then they had hay rides, a pumpkin carving contest, a haunted house, and a trunk or treat that filled main street. Josh won the pumpkin carving contest. There were five categories and he and the two of his brothers that entered all won something. These are all the pumpkins from the contest.We won a lamp that is going to go in baby's room. Below is Josh and his neice Clara on the hay ride. Isn't she cute?

This next picture is a kid from our primary class- we had a primary program practice on a saturday and I meant to take pictures of them all but I forgot so we got Garrett on his 5th peice of pizza. I know we haven't given primary quotes for a bit- but they have been just as funny so here are a couple. We sat them all in a certain order for the program (the order they would behave the best) and Brennan turned to me and said "Why do I have to sit by Brad? I didn't do anything wrong." I felt for the cute little guy and traded him spots. The next week the boys were being crazy and Brennan tells Josh "These boys are being so intense, Kohl isn't usually this way, and Spencer was never this way, that's why I miss him."

A couple weeks ago Josh treated me to Chineese. There are two resturants in Rexburg for Chineese; Fongs and New Fongs. We went to the new one. It was so good. It was also pretty cute because these two little girls served us- they looked to be about 7 and 9. We've gotten to try a few other places lately because if we have something in the evening we just stay in town and go out to eat. If anybody has good recomendations, let us know. (I have yet to convince Josh that the taco bus is a ligit. place to eat)

(by the way- my husband is great at chopsticks, and for some reason the lessons I got on using them in 1st grade didn't really keep up)
This is my attempt at a picture of my belly (I'm not really that tall, I was standing on a stool) but I feel like this, taken last week, is already out of date. It's as if this week I just popped. At least I feel more pregnant and all of a sudden I have gotten lots of comments on it. The only belly touching though has been from one of the girls in our primary class and Josh's little sister so I don't feel too bad.
It's crazy that I'm already 19 weeks! (I just realized that... wow) anyway- I guess that's almost halfway done. In two weeks we have an appointment with an ultrasound. But news for everyone: we aren't gonna find out what we are having. I don't really know why we decided that but unless something changes in the next couple of weeks we will be getting a wonderful suprise in April. I realized just now I haven't really said much about this on here so just some facts. I'm due on April 2 and I am really hoping for that day because it's the last friday of classes and Josh graduates a week later. I am going to be in school for the next two semesters, and then I will graduate in July! (Yay, Josh and I are getting so close) and then we don't know what our plans are. I guess we will see where life takes us. Back to the baby: umm... now I don't know what else to say. The other day I went to my friend's baby shower and I got so excited. I'm just beginning to feel this baby move occasionaly but that's fine for now.

Anyway- that's about where we are at right now. Just getting through this semester of school. But we can make it. Two weeks until Thanksgiving Break (and a trip to Oregon!) and then two more until Christmas break.

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