Monday, September 13, 2010


quick rundown of my day- good but busy
I wake up at 8:00 and call my mom real quick to ask her a question before she goes to work

8:20 I jump in the shower before Josh has to go to work

8:40 I feed my hungry daughter and wish Josh a good day at work, then I get dressed for the day and look up a recipe for my dinner trade tonight

9:00 leave the house to get gas and go shopping at Walmart, hopefully before Sophie is ready for her nap

10:00 still in Walmart with a squealing girl in the cart

10:20 home and put Sophie down for a nap

11:00 stop doing dishes and cleaning my kitchen to make pizza dough

12:00 wake up Sophie and find she has had a diaper explosion, take care of that

12:45 I feed Sophie and then run out the door

1:15 get to Gator Jack's in Rigby and realize I am early for my lunch date, take a breather in the car

1:30 lunch with a friend visiting from Utah

3:30 resurface and realize I need to get home to make dinner

4:00 actually leave Rigby

4:25 run in the house to put pizza dough in the oven, while rushing around getting the toppings ready

4:45 top the pizza and return to oven

4:50 feed Sophie

5:10 get in the car with Sophie and rush across town, I'm late- can't find my cell phone so I can't call

5:20 drop the pizza, grapes, and cookies off and make plans for tomorrow

5:30 quick stop at the dollar store

5:40 put Josh's pizza in the oven and worry that maybe I am sharing yucky food

5:55 typing this blog and waiting for Josh to get home

All the things I had hoped to do today:
clean up and repaint the bookcase that is sitting in our garage
wash down the pack and play we bought last week
blog about last week
have dinner ready earlier so I could visit when I took it over
clean my bedroom

oh well, it has been crazy but good day

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH! You try to do far too much in one day! That list is a month's worth!


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