Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 minute Thankful list

- Sophie, her health and strength, she scared us to death for a bit but is wonderful now- She makes me laugh and smile most of the time

- my husband, Josh is so patient with me, he is thoughtful and super cute. I can't help but smile when I am around him. Basically the best decision ever = marrying Josh

- my family that I come from, they are good to me and I love that I get along with my siblings so well, we have a great time (all of Sophie's grandparents are so good to her and us)

- my house, I have had ups and downs feelings with our house because of the snakes and other such business but I love our neighborhood, I love the space, and I love that it is ours

- Josh's job

- my friends that I have, I'm feeling sad in Idaho right now because I don't have very many friends there so especially thankful for Becca who always lets me invade her life for a little bit of friend time

- I am thankful for the gospel and the guidance it gives me, and the temple for the promises it gives me

You know I have a zillion more so I had to give myself a time limit or I could go forever. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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