Sunday, February 6, 2011

yesterday was a good day

Yesterday, we decided to try Kiwi Loco for our date- we went in the afternoon when Sophie was in a good mood and the sun was shining. It was super good. As we were leaving we saw a Yoshi walking down the street and our curiosity was peaked. So we followed the arrow he was holding that led us to play'n trade games. Basically it was like a game stop but with super better deals. On top of the good prices all the playstation and game cube games were 50% off. Anyway- the exciting thing is- Josh got me DDR! Yay! anyway, we brought it home and played for quite awhile- even Josh got in on the dance action. Now I think I might need to go back soon and get another pad so we can play agaisnt each other. After we were worn out from that we had dinner and then played Ticket to Ride a couple times. I just thought I would tell you about our fun, low-key, day.

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