Thursday, March 3, 2011


-I think that we have Sophie's first words. I say I think because she's been saying things that sound like dad and mom for awhile but we didn't think she knew what they meant because she would say them whenever. But the last few days Sophie has taken to saying "hey dad" (or "ey da") everytime she comes into a room where Josh is, but I never hear her say it when he's not around. Funny thing is according to my baby book "hey dad" were the first things I said too. I hope this means she will grow up with the same adoration for her dad as I had.

- Lately I've had a hard time getting anything done around here because Sophie likes to 'help'. As you can see from these pictures her helping really is just taking things out.

- I've been doing some sewing which is really fun for me, I've never really done much. I turned a men's shirt into a shirt for me that I wore yesterday and last night I made a circle skirt that I need to hem today. I love doing creative and crafty things but I'm not a perfectionist and so usually the results are things that would make my sister cringe, but I'm having fun.

- Sophie's hair is turning red! Big suprise there...

- I'm reading a great book "Getting the Pretty Back" by Molly Ringwald. Probably the first non-fiction book that I have ever reccomended. It basically just makes me feel good. I'm almost done and I started yesterday. I also just finished "The Mysterious Benidict Society" series and highly reccomend it, especially for those with kids who like to read. It is a great adventure story that is very kid friendly. The kids battle the bad guys with smarts not violence and the bad guys don't die, they just go to jail. When I was growing up my mom always read up books before bed and I'm sure this will be one I read to my kids.

- Love the weather today, it's been raining and it reminds me of Oregon.

Now I'd better get off and finish the homemade hot pockets I am making today (so excited!)


  1. I've met your Dad, and I've met Josh. I have broken bread with both, so I believe I am qualified to say, Sophie will adore her dad just like you do! Well like we all do! Hey, do we have Monte club tshirts?


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