Saturday, June 25, 2011

Primary Quotes- Sunbeam style

So we used to teach the 8 year old class at church and recently we have been teaching the three turning four year old (sunbeams) class. Funny things were still said, just not as often- maybe we just couldn't understand what they were saying. But since last week was our last week doing that we figured we would share what we have collected.

"Attuna Bahtata... that's not quite right.." - C. trying to figure out Hakuna Matata

"nnnnnnnnnyes, that means yes in spanish." -T.
"how do you say no in spanish?" -us

"See my tooths? They're sharp." -E.
"Sabre Tooth Tigers have tooths like I do." -E.

"Why do I have these?" -Josh asking about his glasses when teaching about eyes
"Well, if you would just eat more carrots." -C.

"If you didn't have bones you would flap around." -E.

We had them make door hangers for their moms for mothers day. I suggested to say something like "mom is sleeping" on it- they decided on better things.
"I love you mom." -Ce.
"Don't come in and don't throw a fit." -T.
"If mom is sleeping don't come in, and keep [sister] out."- C.
"Don't take my phone." -E.

"C, are my eyes sparkly?" -Ce.
"Woooowwww..." -C.
"My mom painted them." - Ce.
"So sparkly!" -C.

"How do you use a shield?" -another teacher
"If there is a dinosaur you can go like this" -C. (then put her arm up)

We felt really old after this one. We showed them a picture of an envelope.
"What's this?" -Josh
"An Email!" -T.

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  1. Too funny! Garry and I taught Sunbeams when Zach was a baby. Trevor Hancock was in our class (plus eight others). It was hilarious!


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