Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We interrupt your regular scheduled programing...

... for some random thoughts from me.

I am sorry I have been putting off blogging, I need to post about Halloween and my trip to Arizona but I have been putting it off, but I had a few little notes.

- I made a list of all the projects I need to get done before Christmas and I decided that I am crazy. It's not like I am really super into homemade gifts I just have tons of little things I will be working on probably until Christmas eve.

- Is it bad that I hope for snow just in the hopes it will make it warmer outside? I never thought I would ever hope for snow, I really picked the wrong climate to live in.

- Yesterday I walked through the Christmas section of Walmart and got so excited. It feels like the holidays are coming super fast this year but I am so excited about it all. I have a feeling that in January I will have a real crash with the reality of a long winter without any holidays left.

- For months Josh and I have been watching Gilmore Girls, all of them, we finished a few days before I left for Arizona. As much as I enjoyed the show and I thought I would be sad when we had finished but I wasn't, I have really enjoyed our evenings where we don't know what we will be doing. We have played lots more games and talked a lot. We still are watching a few shows but they are once a week type things.

Hopefully I will be motivated soon to catch up on blogging (I keep trying to get Josh to do it).

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