Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just a blur

I have a million blog posts bouncy around in my mind, but no patience for getting all the pictures right and stuff, so this post (and the next few) may not be in order and are just a bunch of random stuff.

Josh's birthday was last week Saturday before his birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse ^ it was super good. We celebrated with his family (funny day, all the -inlaws of Josh's family had their brother at family dinner, it made for a fun day) and then on his birthday we had dinner and cake here. He got some board games and expansions and we have had a great time in the past week trying them all out. I hope he had a good birthday.

Also a couple weeks ago I found out about a Toddler Open Gym that the parks and rec puts on during the winter. They open their gym up with lots of toys and let the kids run around. We have gone a few times and Sophie loves, loves, loves it.

The pictures don't really show but they have some really fun stuff like these bouncy horses

and scooters

plasma cars which move by wiggling the handle back and forth

and big balls of all sizes.

Going to gym has really made me notice how physical Sophie is. She is super good at physical stuff, she can somersault, jump, and dance with the best of them. She keeps up with the bigger kids no problem and she is so much happier when she has had some room for movement. I realize she gets really antsy by the end of the day if we have been cooped up for too long.

I really want to get Sophie a mini trampoline for her birthday but I don't think I have Josh convinced. (Let alone of convincing him we should take the carpet out of the basement and turn it into a little gym for her.)

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