Friday, February 28, 2014


I have so many random thoughts today I figured it might be better to post them here than annoy people with my pointless facebook updates. Yesterday seems like such a turning point of so many things.

For the past three and a half years, little has changed. We just get older and keep going. Yesterday was a get older day for Josh. I think he had a good birthday we kept it pretty low key. We just went to dinner, picked up the car we bought (another story) and after cake we tried the new game he got. Nothing intense, just simple.

But last night Josh was working on some car things and Sophie fell out of bed. I'm not sure how or why, it's never happened before, but I cuddled her in the rocking chair afterward and she fell asleep in my lap. I really got to thinking, there's a good chance she won't ever do this again. She's such a big girl now it amazes me. Yesterday we were running around all day and she just kept up with a happy and helpful attitude. She picked watching the Incredibles instead of Sesame Street. That struck me as a bigger kid decision for sure. I am so proud of my big girl but I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

A couple weeks ago I took to open gym at a gymnastics place. She loved trying out all the things.

Car story time: We have been waffling about selling Josh's car for months. In September we almost did but then we replaced the started and it drove so nice Josh kept driving it. We bought a car to replace his and we didn't like it as much so he kept driving his. Well a couple weeks ago the replacement car stopped working, it would kind of drive but barely. Two days later Josh's car just won't start. It was crazy. So we went for a little while with only one car and last night we bought another. We come home from getting our new car and Josh's just starts up. Ironic huh?

Anyway, I listed Josh's car for sale today which is kind of bittersweet because I know it needs to happen but at the same time it was the car we got when we got married. It has tons of memories but also is a really fun car to drive. I'll miss the green monster for sure.

*edit: it sold in two hours

Anyway, I had more on my mind and more to say but I forgot. That's what a night of crazy dreams and bad sleep will do to you. Maybe I will start updating this better, but I might not.

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