Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Valentine's Poem

I'm a little slow at putting it up but here is a poem I wrote for Josh on Valentines day

"No boys," I said "No boys for me"
"My roommates and I, it will be just us three"
But on that cold, emotional night
I could not ignore him, try if I might
He sat down beside me, and gave me a smile
I talked with him, flirted a while
Right at home I googled Josh Hayes
I saw him next in just a few days
He came to my place and stayed a long time
I really enjoyed it, it must be a sign
I was really distracted and this goes to show
What happened next I don't really know
Movies, walks, and lots of ice cream
so full of bliss- he must be a dream
I told him to kiss my lips not my cheek
He kissed me right there in my roommates backseat
Semester was ending, spring to begin
I couldn't imagine a day without him
I didn't wait long so it would seem
He came to my house to ring in nineteen
Phone calls, email, and maybe a letter
When I saw him in June I felt so much better
We went to the temple right away
Is this, oh is this, oh is this the day?
He knelt to the ground with a candy pop ring
After the question I wanted to sing
Paper and pictures we tried to be fast
Our short time together just didn't last
Squished between sports camps and work for a brother
A weekend of camping and museums, another!
Parties and plans, food, flowers, and dress
If I don't get this done I'll be quite a mess
August is here, I'm all ready to go
The car is packed, riding heavy and low
I have to get ready- I just can't be late
Today is the day, it's eight, eight, oh eight
While doing my hair I'm impatient with sister
I'm ready for breakfast, and to see my dear mister
We entered the temple with a dream and a hope
Did I have a doubt? The answer is nope
Outside the temple with smiles and twirls
The pictures were taken by Adam and girls
A ride to the church, who would that be?
Hair and clothes ruffled, his mother could see
The flowers were caught, the next bride-to-be
to sisters dismay a soon missionary
Be nice to the cake, he really tried
To play on the swings we snuck outside
The next morning came to early for some
we were up in the sky before the darn sun
He slept in the airport, new wife by his side
to keep him unstepped on she really tried
A wonderful week on the cook Oregon coast
What happened there I don't want to boast
After a reception with friends galore
We packed up the car and couldn't fit more
Soon summer ended and school began
we were doing great but for our little sedan
A crack in the radiator, a flat tire or two
After the alternator, now what to do?
Bad weather and school stress brought the holidays in
But that didn't stop us from being with kin

Struggling through school and working out life
You've made it six months with this crazy wife
What now? What next? What will we do?
I don't know but I'm glad I'll be with you

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