Thursday, March 19, 2009

SO I don't have any pictures to go with this and I'm a little slow but my wonderful husband had his birthday a couple weeks ago. February 27th he turned 22. Aren't we getting old?

Anyway... just a few more weeks of school for this semester. yes! Then we will both being doing our internships. Josh is still working for Adam doing web sites and I will be working at the Family Crisis Center helping with domestic violence as well as taking classes. I hope our one week of break will be enough- we'll have to think of something great fun to do (any ideas?)

My parents and brother are coming tomorrow for Spring break which will be really nice- but I miss my other Oregon friends too :( I was just looking at pictures of Jami's kids and I missed them (and it just started a chain of missing people)

Anyway, that's all in this little world. Just happy the weather is warmer and happy to be together.

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