Sunday, April 5, 2009

Projects and other updates

So when my parents were here we got some projects done. My brother and dad built me this self as a belated Christmas present. I love it- it's making me so happy. The quilt on the bed is our wedding gift from my grandpa Jim- he made it himself. I am so proud. It is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen, let alone owned. Each of the pinwheels is different and he used Josh and I's favorite colors without it even looking Christmasy.

My mom did projects too- I was supposed to help but she pretty much made me these skirts. The yellow one has little white circles and the green one has white flowers. She also bought me a new pair of jeans and my grandma patched two other pairs- I feel so set for summer semester.
School is over in 4 days! yay! I have been such a mess the last week or so- I'm at the point I have so much to get done I'm forgetting very important things. I have time to do them too- they just straight leave my head. Then I have a week to recoup before jumping back in full force- 4 classes and a 10 hour a week internship. Josh is just doing his internship so hopefully that will make less stress for him.

So what does a girl do for a week between classes that includes both her birthday and easter? Well she goes to Oregon for a visit (shhhh.... don't tell Seth it's a suprise) I'm headed on Saturday with the Huskeys and then I'll fly back here on Wednesday night. I will miss easter with my husband but we will celebrate when I get back. I will miss him in general a lot- We haven't been apart in the 240 days we have been married.

On another note- I have been listening to... Blessed Union of Souls. Kinda old school I found their CD in Josh's CDs, apparently it's his older brother's favorite from high school. But it's cool and it makes me feel so good. When I turned it on a few days ago it was the first time in a while I just sponatanioulsy danced around the house. I can't help it. Here's a couple samples Peace and Love
Light in your eyes, Hey Leonardo I just had a hard time decideing which ones to add so I reccomend them all.

I think that's all I had for tonight, except I'm totally tired of the snow. We have really bad snow one morning and it's all melted by the afternoon and then it's warm for a couple more days. If I have to go to summer semester in the snow I will not be too happy.

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