Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Primary Kids say the funniest things..

Josh and I teach the 7 year olds at church. They are crazy- here are a few funny things that we remember.

Josh: Brad, will you please move over there?
Brad: (moves back and forth on his chair with his hands behind his back) I can't
Josh: Ok, Kohl will you move?
Brad: I can't because my fingers are tied together.
Brennan: Brad, you can break your fingers doing that.

Brad pulls a giant penny out of his pocket and says: my mom got me this from Washington DC- she went there on a cruise.
Me: How did she do that there isn't an ocean near Washington DC?
Brad: There are rivers and it was a very long skinny boat.

We were playing the game "if I were going on a trip, I would bring..." and you have to remember what everyone else says, but it was "if I were traveling in the wilderness with Lehi, I would bring.."
Kohl: A teddy bear
Brennan: bottled water
Kohl: a stuffed animal dog
Brennan: medical supplies

Brad: do you live with your parents?
Me: No, I live with Josh
Brad: Why do you do that?
Me: We are married
Brad: no way! hey everyone, guess what? Our teachers are married!
They all just look at him like he's crazy- they've known this all along.

Taya: Can I sit somewhere else? Garrett is writing things about us on his hands.

Garrett: Who is your dad? Do I know him?
Me: No, he lives far away
Garrett: What country is he from?

Brad (whispering): Our teachers just kissed
Josh: Don't your parents kiss?
Brad: Just once a year. My dad does it for my mom on her birthday.

Hopefully I will think of more and then I'll add them.


  1. I got a kick out of these :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kid's have to say those funny things....I think Heavenly Father made it that way to keep the adults around them sane.


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