Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trip to Oregon

Memorial Day weekend we headed to Oregon- a fast trip but we did it. We left on Thursday evening and drove through the night. It was fun though, we brought Josh's little sister Emilee with us.
At Saturday's Market she got her drawing done.
We visited a haunted pizza place and Voodoo doughnut - yum

Josh and I made a new friend at Finnegans. Octo is soo cute. He's soft, his legs make noise, and he smells good.

We did get both Josh and Emilee convinced that motorcycles were worth at least one ride.

We also had played laser tag and had my friends over one night for a scavenger hunt and a crazy game of curses. Casey and Liz went to Portland with us so spending time with them was good as well. Overall a wonderful weekend (although we are very excited that one of Josh's other sisters is marrying someone from Bosie so next trip home they can take us to the airport and we can leave our car with them) Oh and on our way out of town we could not go without another stop at Voodoo Doughnut.

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