Saturday, December 12, 2009

dancing, baby, and school

So I teach clogging to Josh's little sister, Kaitee. I love it. I hope she is enjoying it too, it's getting to the point that it is pretty fun. She's doing so good, I can't believe how fast she picks up on it. We are getting ready for her first time showing anybody but me and Josh, she's going to show her family on Christmas eve. I'll have to have Josh take a video of it. I feel a little bad because her family keeps giving her a hard time about incesentlly tapping around the house, but that's part of the fun of clogging is doing it anywhere. I hope that doesn't discourage her. But really all I wanted to say was how much fun I am having teaching dance.

Also- I offically feel pregnant. My belly for sure shows and I can feel our baby kicking quite a bit. People seemed suprised at those two things but I think it must just be the way the baby is positioned and my shortness probably doesn't help. This is me yesterday, 24 weeks along. I am getting so excited for our baby. It is almost Christmas break (thank goodness) and then I need to do some serious house organizing since when I start school again in January I will be short on time. When I was in Oregon, someone (maybe Kay) mentioned that if I don't want to do anything permanant to the baby's room (which I don't) that you can put fabric on the walls with starch. Does anybody know how that works? I have some ideas for that, but I'm sure how exactly to do the starch thing. So help wanted with that...

School is almost done! yay, just a few more classes each for Josh and I. Then we need to get serious about Christmas. As you can see in the post below, we have our tree set up but that's about it. There is one present from me to Josh and a bunch from my parents under the tree and that is it. I'm so excited for Christmas.

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  1. To put fabric on the walls you can do it in long sections, or with cut outs. Buy Vanno liquid starch. It is the blue liquid stuff that comes in a blue plastic container. I use a cooler and pour the starch in the cooler right over the fabric. Rub the soaked fabric onto the wall, and rub in drips. Use a box knife and ruler to trim once it is dry. Must use an all cotton fabric or something equally light. Very easy, very slick. Can be used on kitchen cupboards, also. When you move just peel the fabric off the wall and wash it and use it again.
    Have fun,


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