Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You've had a birthday...

Well I've had a birthday.

It came up on me fast and considering all the things that have been going on in our lives I didn't expect much. But it was a good day- well evening, since having Sophie scream for over an hour at the dr wasn't really making my day.

But my friend Kristen who just got to Rexburg for school went to Red Robin for dinner with me and my mother-in-law brought down brownies and ice cream for Josh and I to have after.

I was really excited about my gift from Josh- it was a picture we saw at an art show on campus. I love getting things for our house and I love have fun pictures to look at. It's a fun picture and I would have never thought of getting a piece of art that I just happened to see at a show. Eventually I may have a picture of it- if not you all will just have to come to my house and see it hanging up for yourselves.

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