Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm going to miss this

Josh will be appalled that I am posting country music on our blog, but it came up as a recommendation for me on youtube. And I realized today I am going to miss this. I will miss this quirky house where Josh and I started our life together (we are moving to our new house this month). This place will always hold memories for me. I think I will miss being in school after I graduate this month, I like to learn. I like having the status of a college student, like I don't have to be grown up quite yet. I am always so afraid that I am letting Sophie grow up too fast without me drinking in everyday and every change. She is growing so fast and already she likes to cuddle less and I will miss these moments I have with her everyday.

Life is good and progression is great, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't just hang on to and enjoy all the moments of right now, because change is coming.

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