Monday, July 19, 2010

Ririe Days and a couple other projects

So Ririe Days was Saturday- I feel a lot better. It is a big event that I helped plan. There was a craft fair, antique show, baseball tournament, golf scramble, 1/2 marathon, food vendors, and more. I only have a few pictures right now, the ones Josh took. So you get to see a couple pictures of the golf scramble that Josh and his brother played in and my crafts that I made for the craft fair. I made fuzzy flip flops, some date in a bag kits, some homemade science kits, and some dice games that my family likes to play. Josh and I also played in the baseball games with his family. I felt like we did great, even though we lost. I had lots of fun. Because we are moving from Ririe I am still deciding if I am going to help again next year, I guess we'll see.

Also last week I canned some cherries. They look beautiful.

Now that those projects are done I am working on our new house. This is the before picture of my ugly (but wonderful) kitchen. Already the wall paper is off and we are painting tomorrow. Next week my dad is going to come and put new flooring in. That's all the updating we are going to do right now on our house. The rest isn't too bad. The retro basement is really growing on me.


  1. Wow! Look at you go! I don't know how you did all this along with a new baby, graduation, a new house, etc.

    You must be your mother's daughter! :-)


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