Friday, April 15, 2011

Someone had a birthday

Last week Sophie celebrated her 1st birthday. We had a great time. We celebrated a little the weekend before when we were with Sophie's Aunt Krista who shares a birthday with her. On Sophie's actual birthday we just had a good dinner and a cupcake. We took her out to a frozen yogurt place and she got a wonderful dairy-free pineapple sorbet and walked around the place like a little queen. She defiantly got spoiled from all her friends and family. We so enjoy having Sophie around. She makes us so happy.

Last night we took her out to Red Robin because both Sophie and I had free coupons for our birthdays. Sophie had her first time drinking from a straw and she did great. Also, she got a balloon on our way out and this morning she was reaching for it saying "ba-oon" it was soo soo cute.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sophie!!! May you have many more as wonderful as the first!


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