Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am amazed

Sophie Sophie Sophie- she seems to be growing up so fast. She is doing things that surprise us and make us smile all the time. Here are some examples.

Sophie and I like to play in the front yard while we wait for dad to get home. Yesterday she found an empty flower pot and began picking dandelions and putting them in the pot. Then she brought the pot over to me and took the flowers out to hand to me. She loves picking flowers and sharing them but the pot was totally new.

Lately she has been really good at going to bed at night, after scriptures and prayers we say goodnight and she walks into her bedroom, grabs her blanket, and waits by her crib. This morning she came and got me and walked into her room and did the same thing. I think she knew she was tired and went right down for a nap.

We try and read scriptures with Sophie everyday, we read from the illustrated Book of Mormon Stories and often during the day we will find her off in a corner looking through the book. I love it!

There is a little space between the couch and the corner of our front room, it's about a 2 x 3 foot space. We have some blankets that we keep there but apparently it is Sophie's space. She will take things there to hide them or play with them. Most often I find my boots over there. She thinks it is so funny to be just out of sight of us.

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