Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a while ago we had Easter... and since then and we have done some other things

Here are a couple more pictures of Sophie at Easter. She went on a little hunt at my grandparents and did so good. She was right on finding her eggs and finding her basket. On the Saturday before Easter we took Sophie to a hunt and also gave her a little one in our yard too. She was pretty cute.

Since Easter we have been pretty low key. We are still waiting for spring around here. We are having lots of rain. Sophie is getting great at walking around and we have been trying to mix up her days by doing some different things and going different places. Just love that girl.

Also, guess what I found in my shoes the next morning?


  1. I'm guessing you found either an egg or a snake. Or a snake egg! (is there supposed to be a pic of the answer?)

  2. There was a video- Sophie put her shoes into my boots. But you were right in that around Easter she also put a bunch of plastic eggs in them.


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