Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sorry no pics

I thought I needed to update but seeing as our laptop (where we put all our pics) died the other day I have no pics for now. I hopefully will get them back later. Josh has been working night and day to get it back up, so far it's not all working but it is enough that we could move all our files to an external hard drive- which we still need to buy. It seems like the time for things breaking for us, my cell phone won't let me into my messaging any more, I can't check or write texts or get into my voice mails. Bummer for me because I would way rather text than call but Josh has plans to fix it after he gets the computer dealt with.

Sophie and I went to Oregon over MLK weekend to surprise my sister. We had a good time going to her baby shower, getting pedicures, and playing lots of games. I feel like between going to zumba with a friend and playing my mom's ABBA dance game I exercised more in three days than I usually do in a week, but it was so good for me.

Sophie is potty training this week, yesterday didn't go super well but so far today there has been big improvement. I really can't believe how fast she is growing up. Her words have improved so much, she talks a lot now. She also has figured out how to move my step stool around the house to get what she wants. It's frustrating but also so cute.

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