Monday, January 9, 2012


Christmas eve we had Josh's family over- we exchanged homemade gifts this year and I thought everyone did such a good job. His family is so creative.

Christmas morning the light reflected on our Nativity picture to give us a perfect reminder of the day.

We had such a good day. Sophie was slow at opening gifts but it's because she just enjoyed everything so much. She was so careful not to rip the paper of every gift. Her big gift was a play kitchen that she has played with every day since.
She got some finger puppets in her stocking and got a kick out of them.

She got this tutu from her cousin and aunt- she loves to dress up.

Sophie's dad was so thoughtful and gave Sophie batteries for Christmas so her music animals could all play again. She had run the batteries out of the bunny and duck a few times before we gave up replacing them but now she has her own batteries and is so happy to have them play music again for her. Along with the ones in the video she has two Christmas ones and often she will play them all at once and dance around to them.

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