Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I found this quote the other day and while I don't 100% agree with it all, I do love fall and this spring has been rather fickle.

“Every year, at around this time, I have the same argument with a friend: he claims that spring is the greatest season, while I morosely plump for autumn. With autumn, I argue, you know where you are: the evenings are drawing in and the russet-toned leaves connote one thing: the plunging into the long, dark night of the year’s soul. It’s gloriously brooding and it never disappoints. “Oh, but spring is joyous, beautiful, etc, etc.” No, spring hugs you and then slaps you. Just when it’s promised you sun-dappled treasures it snatches them away and splashes you cold in the face. April is not only the cruellest month, it’s deceitful, it’s unfriendly and it’s downright abusive. Bah-springbug.”
-Dan Stevens

Here are some pictures to prove it.

Notice the wet spot from my hair? The below picture was taken soon after, it was warm out.

Well in all honesty I do love spring, if nothing else for the reason that winter is over. This year spring has been mostly nice and getting a little sunshine is always a good thing.

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