Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A post for Uncle Seth

Uncle Seth is a big favorite around here. It was so fun having him around during his first year of college and we are going to miss him now that he's home.
Sophie just loves Seth, she recognizes his car, she saves a place for him at the table every night for dinner, and she always thinks the phone call is from him.
Seth's getting ready for a mission and I am so proud of him for that and for all he is. He really has grown up to be a great guy. I love my brother.
In Sophie's scriptures we found the picture below of Heleman (Alma 53:19-22) , we decided it looks like Seth. Now every night when we read the scriptures she is sure that we are reading about Seth. I thought what a great guy for her to compare him to. Last week he and I traveled back to Oregon and we had so much fun. I really will miss having him around. Proud of you Seth!

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