Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This girl can rock the Easter Egg hunts.

 This year Sophie really got into the egg hunting. We did a few practice rounds at home before the big day and we weren't expecting much but when the time came for the Ririe Easter Egg Hunt, she took off. The rules for the little kids are that their parents can hold the buckets but not grab any eggs.

 Sophie was so fast, I didn't expect her to get near this many eggs. She had four prize tickets in her eggs and she won bubbles, chalk, a stuffed bunny, and a big chocolate bunny. Is it wrong I am so proud of her for totally rocking the egg hunt?

 Her grandma gave her this pretty Easter dress too. It is her fanciest dress and she seemed to like it.

 My grandparents always put on a little Easter egg hunt for all their family in town and Sophie had so much fun hunting around their basement and finding her Easter basket.

I know Easter isn't all about the hunt and it also was over a month ago but it was what we had some good pictures of.

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