Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There was this time- that Sophie had a birthday

 Man, I have been pretty bad about posting. My excuses are: I feel like I have been really busy, time is going fast, and our internet has been kinda messed up. Hope I still have readers out there. Either way- on with the post. 

Sophie's birthday weekend was really busy so we ended up celebrating a little on Saturday, and little on Sunday, and a little on Monday. She got a trike on Saturday morning. She's still working on figuring it out but that's ok, she's happy anyway.
 (excuse my face, idk what I am doing) we had cake and ice cream Saturday night with Josh's family.

 Monday she opened a few more gifts- a Sesame Street music and book set, an Eric Carlisle book, and a toy sandwich set.

My little girl isn't a baby anymore. (Although I still call her baby and probably will for awhile).

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