Friday, June 29, 2012

5k with my dad

 We have had a crazy month- we have done so much so I have a lot to post about and they will likely be out of order (I am sure they will be because this post if out of order). One of the things I did is for Father's Day I signed my dad and I up to run a 5K together. It was my first 5K- it was an evening run to celebrate the summer solstice. I thought it was going to be way too hot, but the weather was perfect and the course pretty flat.
 My goal was to run the whole thing, I did it. My dad ran with me although I know that Marathon Monte could go way faster than little, slow me, but I was so glad that he did. I don't know if I would have kept running otherwise. My goal was just to be under 40 mins- we came in at 38:05 so it was great. I felt good after, I think I could have gone faster but I was having a hard time judging how far I had gone.
Thanks to my dad, the marathon runner, for getting me motivated to start running and encouraging me, even with my slow progress.

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