Friday, June 29, 2012

Hayes Campout

 Obviously I took a copious amount of pictures of our campout... (sorry Heather). Anyway, the first weekend in June Josh's family camped in Downey, ID near the hot springs. I wasn't super excited because camping is not usually my thing, but it was actually really nice (other than the chilly weather and Sophie waking up super super early in the morning). They had really nice and clean bathrooms! That was a big seller for me. It was a fun little getaway.
 Friday night we took these light pictures and we played a murder mystery. It's always lots of fun, but I don't know that other campers appreciated our calls of murder at midnight.The hot springs were nice, they had water slides, but I only did them a few times, mostly I just floated around in the warm water. 

 Sophie just loved all the play time with her cousins. She does a pretty good job of keeping up with all her older cousins.

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