Monday, December 10, 2012

World Travelers

In the past month and a half we have traveled a lot, just short day or weekend trips, but so much fun. 

First we took a Saturday to go to Boise to see the temple open house before it was rededicated. We invited Josh's sister but she ended up having some school stuff and couldn't come, so it was just the three of us. 

 We realized that temple open houses are so much busier on Saturdays, we had a bit of a wait and by the end Sophie was so tired, but she did good inside and it was such a special experience. 

Jackson Hole:
A couple weekends ago we went up to Jackson Hole, Josh's family usually has a cabin rented there the week after Thanksgiving and so Thursday when Josh got off work we headed up. 

We like the toy store downtown. 

We tried a new place for lunch on Friday, Pearl St. Marketplace. It was so so yummy and the workers were so nice. They gave Sophie a free smoothie because they had mixed too much for someone. Just looking at the pics makes me want some more of that burrito that Josh had. 

Bunches of his family was there which was fun. We tried to get a pic of all the kids on the steps... it wasn't a very smooth process. I can just imagine how taking whole family pics is going to go. 

Salt Lake City:
Salt Lake for the Christmas lights is one of my favorite holiday things to do. Friday we headed down there. We went to IKEA first and bought our first big furniture purchase ever! It's a dresser for Sophie's room. I was so sad there because the restaurant was closed for a holiday celebration, but we had fun anyway, my friend Cambrai met us there and wandered through that huge store with us. 

Josh had done a little research before we went and found out about this beautiful cathedral a few blocks up from the temple lights. We got to town early and walked up there. It was beautiful both inside and out... worth the walk. 

Another friend from high school of mine, Casey and her roommate met us at the new mall across from the temple. It's a beautiful mall and had lights of its own. 

When it got dark we got to the best part, Temple Square's Christmas lights. Last year when we came it was so cold we didn't see a lot, we just tried not to freeze. This time was warmer and so we spent plenty of time seeing all the pretty lights. I always leave there feeling more in the Christmas spirit then before. 

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