Friday, July 11, 2014


I keep thinking of little things to post to facebook but I don't because I don't want to be posting there all the time. I also was reading back in this blog to when Sophie was born and I loved it, so I will try to do better with posting here so I can still have that kind of record. 

I could go back and post about everything I have missed, and I might later, but I also kind of doubt it. 

Sophie will start preschool in September and yesterday we bought her a backpack and a couple of school shirts (since she is too long for most shirts that should be her size). I tried to convince her to save the shirts but she wouldn't and today is sporting a new shirt for school. She also posed for me, showing off both the shirt and the backpack. 

About a month ago Josh and I caved and bought her a bike, since her trike won't work. We lucked out in finding one her size for a great deal used and we bought her training wheels and a helmet to go with it. It's pretty Sophie because the bike is pink Barbie, the training wheels are Mickey Mouse, and the helmet has alligators on it.

She likes to ride in the church parking lot because there are no cars and it's flat. The other night she and her dad were playing "gingerbread man." Josh was the gingerbread man and Sophie was trying to eat him.

Josh has a silly gingerbread man voice for when he reads that bedtime story to her and so he used it as he ran around saying "run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man."

There was a hawk in our backyard the other day.

Sophie was so excited for the Fourth of July, she talked about it forever leading up to it. The Saturday before we went to the big fireworks show in Driggs and then on the fourth we had fireworks at my grandparents house. I hope the day lived up to her expectations. 

We have been busy lately- swimming lessons, park days, cheap summer movies, getting things ready for baby. She is so excited for baby... we all are. It's hot and sometimes I'm not happy about that but overall things are good. 

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