Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eric at 2 (months)

I can't believe the time. It's speeding by. At first after we saw Eric smile we thought he just wasn't a very smiley baby because he smiled very rarely. At his two month doctor appointment a few days ago I mentioned to the doctor how unhappy Eric always seemed while eating. He started some meds for acid reflex and now he smiles all the time (he also eats better). So he really is a happy baby.

He is also super hero sleeper. For the last few weeks he was consistently sleeping six hours but this week has been moving towards a long night time. We've had 7, 7 1/2, 8, and even one night of a little over eight hours in the last week. I am a super proud momma.

It seems strange that a baby so young can have preferences to things but he totally does. Eric already has a favorite blanket, it's silky on one side and fuzzy on the other. When you put it on him he immediately grabs it and pulls it towards his face.

This months adventure was a trip to Mesa Falls with his family during general conference. Most days though are just spent running around with mom and Sophie- going to zumba, doing preschool drop off, and playing with friends.

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