Wednesday, October 15, 2014


You know, having two kids is hard sometimes. Life was pretty simple with just Sophie. She's flexible and easy to get along with. Taking her to the store was no big, out to eat with us was no problem. Pretty much she just was my buddy and went everywhere and did everything with me. 

But two kids, two kids means mom carries the baby in case the other needs to be carried later. 

It sometimes means the art museum is the last thing mom wants to be doing between baby feedings. 

Occasionally this picture will have to do because it's time to go. 

Two kids means you have to sleep anywhere, and take it when you can. 

Some store trips like this will cut short because someone has to go to the bathroom or someone needs to be fed. 

and sometimes will just be sad times. 

But you know, it is entirely worth it. All of the time. Through the tears, late nights, and frustrations it is always worth it. These little hands, bright smiles, and most importantly those sweet spirits are amazing. 

Three in our family was nice, Sophie filling our lives, but we waited a long time for four. I knew two kids would be harder than just one. But you know, one child is harder than none. That doesn't mean that it won't be the best decision in the world.

So bring on the hard hikes, the time limited excursions, quick photo shoots, car seat naps, fast store exits, and any tears that may come too, because along with them comes so many precious moments. 

Beautiful smiles, hugs and kisses, tender hand holding and thoughtful discussions, a proud sister and a brother that smiles at the sight of her. All these and more come with having two kids. Give me harder any day because along with it comes happiness. 

Eric and Sophie I love you both. 


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