Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It has been a day- dads come to town when they need to be there

So it was actually yesterday that this all happened but it was quite a day.
Josh's aunt died on Friday and so we had the funeral to go to yesterday about 11, so we would only make it to our first classes at school. We woke up and our car wouldn't start (it's been acting up lately but always eventually starting for us) and so we thought about not going into school anyway- but we borrowed a car from his dad and took off, hoping to not be late. We have about a 20 minute drive to school which ends with a very nice hill up by the temple. As we get in the turning lane up on the hill the car stops going forward. Backing up was fine and the car was still running but it would not go forward. It said some fluid was low. At this point it is 9AM (when classes start) we call up my dad and back up to a safe spot. He and my brother come along and take us into school and then back into to the car which the got down the hill to a gas station where they added some transmission fluid. After class he gave the car back and we rushed home, changed and walked into the funeral with a minute to spare. We had forgotten our coats so we froze in the snow in the cemetery. After all that got done we headed to work for Josh- as we did the car did the same thing. I had to go to Idaho Falls for a class and so Adam ended up taking me into it and I got a ride home.

Basically it was a mess of the day but as my aunt said "dad's seem to always come into town right when you need them" it's true- my dad came out last night and fixed our car and let us drive his rental car into town for school today. I am grateful for all the help that we have in our families.

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